Monthly Archives: April 2010

Didj OpenGL ES

Well, I may be the first to get even basic OpenGL ES primitives to render. I can now make my claim that NeHe lesson02 works for the Didj. Some others have things such as OpenGL version strings, but I believe this is the first actual rendering for Didj homebrew. I’ve gone a slightly different route then what others have done. I’ve used Brio directly to satisfy some of the OpenGL ES dependencies. It is kind of cool having it in the Brio menu though. Without Continue reading →

Adafruit’s Captua

I agree it’s a cool and novel idea for a WordPress plugin and I do think you’ll have to continue moderating comments because like a few of us have said, it’s not a terribly effective CAPTCHA. Not to mention when you say “please make a bot that does this, we’d love to see it,” you can bet at least one or two people will do just that (if for no other reason because you said you’d love to see it, you know, to please you) Continue reading →


Well, I now have my Didj, a Serial->USB breakoutboard, and a DJHI v2.0 prototype board. With these I’m able to get serial access to the Didj. I’ve flashed a new version of the Lightning Boot bootloader which jburks has been hard at work on. It adds a boot menu which is very useful for booting new kernels off of an SD card. jburks also has a preliminary kernel driver to access the SD card from within Linux. This opens up the interesting possibility of being Continue reading →