Monthly Archives: July 2013

Go UTF-16

This is just a small code fragment that prints out the Unicode characters from the Fullwidth Latin Letters (range 0xFF01-0xFFEF). This works on little & big endian machines (tested with qemu-arm & qemu-mips compiled using gccgo 4.7.) I thought it might have issues with the way it decodes the int32 into a byte array and re-encodes it to a uint16 array. package main import ( "bytes" "encoding/binary" "fmt" "unicode/utf16" ) func main() { for i := int32(0xFF00); i

Down but not out

On the 28th of last month (2013/06/28) I lost my subdomain name that I had previously been getting for Dyn for free. For a long time Dyn offered free dynamic DNS. I setup my subdomain with them on their This was initially needed because the server was being run from my, well, home. This provided a convenient method to automatically update the DNS records when my IP would change. This worked well, and it worked well for a long time. So, time went on, Continue reading →