Guitar Painting and Modifications

This post is a bit different than what I normally write about. This post is about my guitar that I’ve had now for about eight years. It was a birthday present and was basically refurbished by one of the guitar shops in my home town. The guitar, a Peavey Raptor Exp Plus, originally looked like this: This was fine and all, but after eight years and quite frankly wanting to upgrade the internals, I decided I’d take the time to first paint the guitar and Continue reading →

Adafruit’s Captua

I agree it’s a cool and novel idea for a WordPress plugin and I do think you’ll have to continue moderating comments because like a few of us have said, it’s not a terribly effective CAPTCHA. Not to mention when you say “please make a bot that does this, we’d love to see it,” you can bet at least one or two people will do just that (if for no other reason because you said you’d love to see it, you know, to please you) Continue reading →