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Yesterday I went ahead and bought a Fuzebox which is an open source 8-bit console that is compatible with the Uzebox. Sadly, it won’t be here till next month (most likely.) It’s currently back ordered (which I knew while ordering it) but is expected to be back in stock the 29th. So hopefully early next month it’ll be here. Of course, it’s probably better that it’ll be a couple weeks it gets here. That’ll give me enough time to get paid again, and probably buy Continue reading →


I’ve been sort of obsessing over Uzebox lately. Even without purchasing the hardware yet, I’m getting a pretty excited about the possibilities of this small little console. Not just from the programming aspect, but also because Fuzebox looks like a great exercise in assembling/soldering. I’ve also been considering how/where I should cut the case that Fuzebox provides in their “Starter Kit.” For instance, the one of the things I imagine I’ll be using often is the FTDI to upload code to test and play with. Continue reading →