Well, my server is pretty much ready I now. Apache is chrooted and seems to be working well. I also did a self-signed cert in hopes that’ll make my remote logins even more secure to WordPress. SSH access is limited to keyed logins. Ntpd is running in hopes of keeping the system’s clock sane. I’ve moved all my Git repos here and even have my CGit vhost running/working. Git daemon is also running. MySQL is only accepting connections on the localhost (via socket or I should check, but it appears Exim4’s default config on Debain only accepts connections on the localhost (which I like.) So all-in-all, I’d say it’s pretty much ready to go.

I’ve also used FwBuilder to create a set of rules to allow this server to be a DMZ (I think I have it correctly defined…) All I’m waiting on now is to get a network cable sometime this next week from work (a 3ft cable for about $1 or so.) After that, if the iptables rules I had generated are correct, this server will be public! In all honesty, I’m quite excited because my previous server was more just my desktop with Apache, or my router with some things like Lighttpd tacked on. This is my first machine (besides my router) which is a dedicated server.