Well now that the system is live, I think there’s going to be a few things I’m going to need to fix. Most all of them are from using mod_chroot. Most aren’t anything critical, but things that should be addressed (sooner rather than later.) For instance, I think DNS lookups are failing from inside WordPress. I breifly read in the mod_chroot caveates that this may happen, and I think this is happening now. Another mod_chroot straight from the caveates is PHP mail().

The last issue that isn’t completely needed, but one I should probably look into is caching. It’s no secret my server is a bit on the low end, and the PHP generated pages can feel a bit sluggish at times (partially because mysql is using what looks like 80% of my RAM.) Long term I plan on spending the $40 and maxing the RAM out to 512 MB, it’s just not in my current budget. Probably sometime in the next few months I’ll try gretting the two DIMMs.