Well, I now have my Didj, a Serial->USB breakoutboard, and a DJHI v2.0 prototype board. With these I’m able to get serial access to the Didj. I’ve flashed a new version of the Lightning Boot bootloader which jburks has been hard at work on. It adds a boot menu which is very useful for booting new kernels off of an SD card. jburks also has a preliminary kernel driver to access the SD card from within Linux. This opens up the interesting possibility of being able to boot directly off the SD card. (He’s considering rewriting the driver though.)

Buildcross, a project I created several years ago to create cross compilers, is what some of the Didj hackers are using now. So it’s pretty cool seeing one of my long ignored projects finally getting some attention. Of course, it was always meant to be a means to make my life easier when I would inevitably want to build a cross compiler for some platform.