Well, I may be the first to get even basic OpenGL ES primitives to render. I can now make my claim that NeHe lesson02 works for the Didj. Some others have things such as OpenGL version strings, but I believe this is the first actual rendering for Didj homebrew. I’ve gone a slightly different route then what others have done. I’ve used Brio directly to satisfy some of the OpenGL ES dependencies. It is kind of cool having it in the Brio menu though.

Without further ado here it is: </wp-upload/lesson02-didj.tar.bz2>

To use, mount the Didj as a thumb drive then copy lesson02 to (Didj)/ProgramFiles You’ll also need to copy all files in lib to (Didj)/Base/lib When I say (Didj) I mean the Didj you mounted. In Windows this will be a drive letter, in UNIX this will be whatever directory you mounted it to.

I’ve also included as much source as I could think to include that might be required to build the source yourself. That said, there are some libraries you’ll have to pull off the (Didj.) I mention them in the README with the source if you’re interested.

Have fun 🙂