This blog has seen a lot of changes over the last decade, from being hosted in my apartment on a machine with 128MB of RAM with dynamic DNS, to being hosted at on company servers (with permission of course), to being hosted by Digital Ocean in a couple Docker containers, to now, finally being hosted on Github Pages. This most recent move is the most significant because it’s the switch from a dynamic content generator (Wordpress) to a static content generator (Hugo.) I’ve been wanting to make this conversion for at least there years now, but it’s never been a priority. However, that’s changed for a couple of reasons. I clearly haven’t been doing much to update the content here, and as a quick way to get SSL on the site I used a load balancer on Digital Ocean to have it use Let’s Encrypt. However, the load balancer was two thirds of my bill each month for DO. That, mixed with the fact that in order to update Wordpress I’ll have spin up a new container with PHP updated, meant it was time to bite the bullet & spend a few hours converting & reviewing the converted content.

When all was said & done, the process to switch it over wasn’t too bad. The thing that took the longest was because plugins & other things affected the content in Wordpress already causing them to not render correctly there, so they obviously didn’t work in Hugo either. All in all, though, the process wasn’t too bad.

This has motivated me a bit more to make more updates here. The work flow is much more in line with what I want to use, Wordress has done very well over, but it’s time for me to move on.