I’ve been sort of obsessing over Uzebox lately. Even without purchasing the hardware yet, I’m getting a pretty excited about the possibilities of this small little console. Not just from the programming aspect, but also because Fuzebox looks like a great exercise in assembling/soldering. I’ve also been considering how/where I should cut the case that Fuzebox provides in their “Starter Kit.” For instance, the one of the things I imagine I’ll be using often is the FTDI to upload code to test and play with. With the current enclosure, it’s inaccessible (unless you remove two screws, what a hassle!) It’s not something I plan on doing right away, since I doubt I’ll have it in the enclosure for quite awhile after getting it assembled. Eventually though, it’d be nice to have it in the enclosure and be able to just plug the FTDI cable into the side or back of the console and be on my merry way.

On the code side of things, I haven’t done much. I’ve basically used the hello world as a very rough example, to hack away to learning the API (which seems extremely simple!) I’ve already done some basic input testing and loaded background music. It’s a bit exciting to think I’ll only have about 4K of RAM to work with and (I think) 64K for program storage (and perhaps more data storage on an SD.)

Still a lot more to learn.