Yesterday I went ahead and bought a Fuzebox which is an open source 8-bit console that is compatible with the Uzebox. Sadly, it won’t be here till next month (most likely.) It’s currently back ordered (which I knew while ordering it) but is expected to be back in stock the 29th. So hopefully early next month it’ll be here. Of course, it’s probably better that it’ll be a couple weeks it gets here. That’ll give me enough time to get paid again, and probably buy a better tip for my soldering iron. Now that I have ordered it though, I need to get to work on some demos of some kind. I think that’s what I’ll probably work on instead of one of my many other projects that I tend to work on and off on, but mostly off (I really need to work on that.) Anyways, I don’t think the excitement is going to die down anytime soon.

I’m also excited to perhaps try building the MIDI In component to hook up to it. While the Fuzebox doesn’t officially support it, it looks like it’ll be trivial to implement. Like I was saying before in the last post, I’d kind of like a way to hookup to the FTDI without having to open the case. This would also allow me to plug in the MIDI In component without having to open the case. It’ll be something I’ll seriously be considering after I have it all put together and working correctly.

I should note that I never actually got this. After awhile, I got a very friendly email from Adafruit letting me know that it may take an unknown amount of time before they would ship anymore Fuzeboxes, and asked if I would want to keep waiting or I could cancel the order and be auto-notified when it was available again. I chose to cancel since my card hadn’t been charged. After a few months when they were finally able to obtain the parts they were missing (SNES connectors IIRC), the money was spent, and I never put my order back in. Honestly though, they were great about the whole situation, and I wouldn’t hesitate to do business with them again.